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Convey Loft is a boutique branding & web design studio for small businesses, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. Welcome to the loft, where you can find resources, inspiration and guidance on branding & design. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and be sure to say hello!

24 Apr

The Joshua Tree House – moodboard

I've slowly but surely been working on the branding process for The Joshua Tree House, an Airbnb located in—you guessed it—Joshua Tree. It's been a fun process, as the owners are both designers themselves, and I'm excited to get their branding nailed down and move on to their website. Check back later for another update!...

15 Apr

The Best Podcasts for Business and Life

One of my more recent (and honestly, best) habits has been listening to podcasts–almost obsessively. When I’m commuting, working, or just when I’m bored, I’m always listening to my favorites and looking for new ones. While these aren't the only podcasts I listen to, they certainly are the ones I am loyal to! These are some of my go-to’s, the few I subscribe and listen to regularly, and I highly recommend them for the business owner and life-liver. Seanwes podcast – This podcast is my go-to when I have business questions or need a little inspiration. Because it’s released weekly, it...

aesthetic voice
11 Apr

Develop an Aesthetic: Voice

When people hear “branding” they don’t necessarily think aesthetic. They think logo and color palettes, perhaps even web design. However, they are missing a key part of what will tie everything together – aesthetic. Aesthetic is the look and feel, the overall vibe of your brand. From your voice in blog posts, to the style of photography you use, these are all elements of your aesthetic, and it’s understandably confusing as it isn’t purely visual. This is such an important element to your brand though, it gives the consumer a sense of consistency and makes you even more approachable. When developing...

09 Apr

Why having a work routine is essential

I used to be a firm believer in the anti-routine, until I realized it was taking a toll on my productivity at work. While I would get all my work done (eventually) everything was taking up so much brain power that I was mentally exhausted by the end of the day. Not ideal. So I decided to change things up a bit. Even though we use a project management system (Basecamp), every time a new project was added to my plate I physically wrote it down so I could have a tangible list to check off. This not only encouraged me...